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Bodybuilding, Florida, life, and beyond

Bad spelling makes you feel tense… so I was taut.

is our guardian angels
tapping on the
of our

I knew I had moved to a better world when I flipped my wrist, a cell phone appeared in my hand– and it was running OS/2.

Seems like today we can’t even hear science — rational, unbiased, testing based science– over the raucous noise of SCIENCE™– manipulative assertions spouted out of the collective blowholes of the corrupt “news” factories into the resounding echo chambers of social media.

I wish my last name was Under.

I’d start a construction company and never have to hire a marketing department.

Last night I saw a chicken-shaped automatic hard-boiled egg cooker on the shopping channel.  I kid you not: it clucks when the eggs are done.
Our grandmothers could hard-boil eggs using nothing more than a milk pail, river water, and an angry stare. They could bare-hand the eggs out of the boiling water, and then strip away the entire shell with a single snap of the wrist.

We call ourselves a “civilized society”, but there’s still no way to cancel an elevator button we pushed by accident.