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Bodybuilding, Florida, life, and beyond

Shots from the 2018 Gainesville Classic are up on the site.

As always a fun and inspiring show, this year had some great quality competitors and resulted in a nice donation to cancer research.

The LED lighting was pretty blue; I was able to compensate by compressing the blue midrange a bit and adding a touch of red in the post-processing. However the trophy platform was way back in the shadows; I did what I could with those shots.


I accidentally saved my spreadsheet with a .cvs extension.

When I opened Explorer to fix it, I found a duplicate .walgreens file had been created next to it.


Aug 20

Lassie was sent for dyslexia therapy after she found a small boot in England’s longest river and dutifully reported that “little welly had fallen in the Thames”

Was offered a knighthood, but decided to skip the whole sworded affair.

I invented an Obvious Statement Generator and called it “The Axiomatic”.
Of course.

She was napping on her back, which she was prone to do.

An artist wanted to paint a mural of Hell on a local overpass, but his idea drew fire.