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Bodybuilding, Florida, life, and beyond

Shots from the 2020 Monsta Classic in Lake City are up on the site.

The show was moved from Gateway College to the Columbia Country School District building.  The new venue was nice enough, though the lighting was a little flat. I’ll have to research what to do in that situation.

COVID fears apparently didn’t reduce the number of either contestants or spectators, which is great news in a year that’s been rough on everyone.

The official shots, as well as shots from the finals, can be purchased at I hope you enjoy these.

I began to have doubts about the Dominion election software when my vote was registered for Rick Astley and that song started playing.

For our California friends having their Thanksgiving held hostage…

It turns out that how you wave your hands in the air isn’t that strongly connected to how much you do or don’t care.

I tried following my heart, but I just kept going in big counterclockwise circles.

Does the early bird REALLY get the worm?
Maybe. It’s up for de bait.

They wanted $100 to reattach the back end of my furry costume. Sounds expensive, but that was the retail price.