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Bodybuilding, Florida, life, and beyond

Wouldn’t it be interesting if “117”, which was Deep Thought’s Answer to the great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, was actually a different number for everyone who read the book?

Guest poser at 2017 Gainesville bodybuilding showShots from the 2017 Gainesville finals are up on the site.

As usual promoter Tony Curtis put on a great show and the proceeds went to help cancer research.

As popular as LED lighting is becoming these days, I’m really surprised that the camera manufacturers haven’t included a generic (tunable?) white-balance preset for them.

I shot auto-white-balance for the prejudging, which I suspected was a mistake– sure enough, the balance changed depending on the athlete’s position on the stage. One day I may get around to rebalancing those, but it will be a chore. Might just convert all to B/W and load ’em up. :)

For the night show I managed to set a pretty good custom WB using the letters on one of the stage signs, so I’m pretty happy with both the color and consistency of these shots.

Enjoy the shots.

I’ve been watching Discovery Channel for a week and they haven’t played “Don’t Bring Me Down” even once…

Going to make an animated GIF of bendy palm trees and start my own hurricane coverage.

Is it just me, or are sports announcers like the guys in the theater who talk through the whole movie?

Personally I think it’s bad luck to walk in front of a moving car, even if there is Magic Crosswalk Paint on the ground.

Insects keep chirping outside. I’m so cicada noise.