Liberty, slippery as quicksilver:
either everyone has it, or nobody does.

In a world where “winning” a cause
is merely a frantic grab for popular approval
while ignoring the burden of verified facts,
the line between oppressor and oppressed
becomes a Möbius strip.

As darkness is merely the absence of light,
lies are merely the absence of truth,
the absence of substance.

This must be asked: Are you living a lie?

Are you sure?

There is no malice here.
Even Dillinger thought he was doing the right things in life. Even Al Capone.

Perhaps everyone thinks this right now.

Some of them are right. Who is to say?
Not I. I barely have wisdom enough to know
that no man has ever stored wisdom enough
to choose another’s path while walking his own.

We each must continue to test ourselves. That is our responsibility as stewards of Liberty.

The test is to carry Truth with you at all times; Truth made of verified facts.
Find a way to load that heavy anvil onto your ideals.
If you can’t lift both,
one must change.

Good luck to you if you choose to change what you mean by “truth”.
Perhaps, sometimes, it is truly necessary to do so. Who is to say?

But if this is your choice, show your neighbors some respect.
To paraphase Heinlein on the subject,
do it in private,
and wash your hands afterwards.