2015 Gainesville womens physique competitorShots from the 2015 Gainesville Classic show are up on the site.

This one took a while as I was very unhappy with my settings on the white balance. Usually I just set the warmth to “tungsten” and forget it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there were a number of LED cans or spots added to the stage, and the white lettering on the logo behind all the competitors was just, well, purple. My fault for not looking for it in the preview shots, and for assuming nothing had changed since last year; I should have looked around up there to check it out. Anyway, I had to adjust the histogram on pretty much every shot, so that’s why they’re running a little late.

I shot tethered using Entangle on Linux again and it worked a treat; just need a better way to stand the laptop on its side since the shots are sideways. Since this show, I’ve also installed a lighter-weight distro and swapped the drive for an SSD, so the next shoot should absolutely fly– I can go from power-off to login screen in twelve seconds, and the proprietary video driver makes it even faster.

As usual Tony put on a wonderful show, and this one had the added bonus that the proceeds go to cancer research at the University of Florida, so I was happy to help out in a small way. There are still lots of other great shows this year; next up for me will be the Ocala Cup Classic on October 24.