demoShots from the 2016 Monsta Classic, held waaaaay back on April 23, are finally up on the LP site.

I was coming down with some internal crud or other and the early shots reflect that; I apologize.

Moving slowly all morning, I got there far later than planned, and had little chance to pick a good spot or get everything set up before the show started.

Throw in the dark spot on the left side of the stage that required extra love and attention all morning, and I think I missed as many shots as I got in the first two classes.

(For what it’s worth, it was almost three weeks before I got over whatever that crud was.)

Arno was shooting the official shots, you can purchase them from his site.

I’ve been doing fewer shows each year; gas is still expensive, and the shows themselves are charging more.

Expenses aside, though, the main reason I’m shooting less is simply that I don’t have nearly the available time I used to have to dedicate to this.

That said, here’s the list of shows I’m planning to shoot the remainder this year:

  • Central District, Lakeland, June 11 (Pre)
  • Ancient City, St. Augustine, July 16 (Pre)
  • Gainesville Classic, July 30 (Pre, finals if needed)
  • There are three shows on August 27.   Though it’s a bit far, I can cover either Immokalee or Port St Lucie if needed.
  • Lakeland, Sept 3 (Pre)
  • Ocala Cup Classic, Oct 22 (Pre, finals if needed.  Hopefully we can avoid the pumpkin curtain this time.)
  • All South, St Augustine, Nov 5 (Pre)
Of course if anyone needs me for a show, just let me know.  The most important thing to me is that each show gets at least some coverage, and I’ll work with anyone to ensure that happens.