2016centDistBWAt long last, shots from the 2016 Central District are up on the site.

I arrived late again, but it was actually not my fault for a change; I had vehicle issues that required some roadside engineering and a GPS that kept trying to drive me to Lakeland via the Douglas spread (wave to Zsa Zsa and Arnold!)

That meant I had to scramble to get the first class comparisons and never did find time to set up the tether– unlike the old days, one the prejudging gets started it has very few breaks.

Lakeland Center being a very well-lit venue, though, I was able to get decent shots nonetheless– just don’t like the risk of shooting with only the viewfinder anymore, the tether is starting to spoil me. :)

More delays getting the shots processed followed as I was out of town for a week immediately afterwards– hope you saw the Arizona and Grand Canyon shots on Facebook— but over the Independence Day holiday I was finally able to carve out the time for the post-processing.

As usual Deb Callahan put on a great show. Next up is the Ancient City in St Augustine, including some new shots planned with Sherry, then the Gainesville Classic a couple of weeks after that. Enjoy the photos and happy Independence Day!