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Archive for April, 2017

I found a nice property next door to where Sesame Street stored its previously-used words of the day– you know, “happy”, “smart”, “kind”, and so on.

I thought, those are good words to live by.

I just took my final exam for “Making Ice For Cold Drinks”. I crushed it.

Shots from the 2016 Ocala Cup are (finally) up on the site.

I could bore you with the details, but it gets down to lighting. There was a dark pool in the center of the stage, so people standing at the ends of the stage, or who came in a little less tan, actually photographed better. I salvaged what I could in post-processing (should have shot raw rather than JPG), but it took a lot of work.

Next up for the site is 2016 All South and it’s going to have some issues as well, but should not take nearly as long to bring up. After that is the 2017 Galaxy, which turned out much better. Enjoy!

Last year we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids.
This year we decided to have kids hunt for the Easter eggs.
That worked much better.

My handwriting really improved after I got married.
Before that I was just an illegible bachelor.

I knew General Aviation back when he was just Major Airline.