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Sherry B. July 2011

Thank goodness for the holiday break. I finished the shots from the July shoot with Sherry and got them up on her page. Hope you enjoy.

Athena H. in color 2011 Athena’s page has been updated with new shots from June (okay, there’s no question about it: I’ve been busy).

But the color is spectacular and isn’t her haircut cute? Athena is about the easiest person I’ve ever been privileged to work with. Enjoy.

Lakeland 2011 figure competitor Shots from the 2011 Lakeland , held September 10, are up on the site.

Crossing a stage that was brilliantly lit by more than a half-dozen Mason jars containing a dead firefly each, the level of competition was nevertheless outstanding.

I also ran in to Melissa Babers who has been somewhat scarce of late while she attends to frivolous pastimes such as raising her child.

We did a mini-shoot with a competitor she was training and with luck I’ll be able to persuade Melissa to take some new shots for her page later in the fall.

Iris Davis did well at the 2010 Floridas and we did a few snapshots in the Rosen lobby afterward.

This amazing woman is 66 years old! The thrill of competing again has her motivated to do more shows next year.

In the meantime, enjoy these shots. I may be able to find a couple more as time becomes free; right now I am swimming in the contest shots from the Southeastern USA.

AthenaI’d been frustrated for a while that, in the new configuration, my friend Athena had only one shot on her entire second page.

Okay, I was just looking for an excuse to get some new shots.

She bought it.

And they came out very well.

Update July 2: Last of the shots added. Enjoy!
Update July 1: Another 56 shots added.
Update June 30: Another 30 shots added.
Update June 29: Another 115 shots added.
Update June 28: Another 70 shots added.
Update June 27: Another 100 shots added.

Shots from the 2010 Mid-Florida Muscle Classic, held June 19 in Orlando, are being added to the site.

Thanks for being patient– it’s a big show, I got lots of shots, and it’s going to take a while before it’s done.

I also got some nice shots of friend and model Athena that I will add as soon as I can. She’s as lovely as ever and there was some very nice soft light in front of the venue, which itself was an impressive piece of architecture.

I got an email from Kelly K. asking that her page be restored.

I was quite happy about this. Some of my favorite shots were (and are) on her page.

So without further ado, here it is. Welcome back, Kelly!