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Bodybuilding, Florida, life, and beyond


Category: Ramblings

Wouldn’t it be interesting if “117”, which was Deep Thought’s Answer to the great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, was actually a different number for everyone who read the book?

“Don’t drink that,” my wife cried, “it’s to spoon over my baby mutton chops while they’re in the oven.”

I did not expect such a lambasting.

Just took the longest student trip of my life! 1,001 AirBnb nights…

Surprised to find my wife ate all our cottage cheese. Never a curd to me.

It’s a tough job, covering the lawn with glistening moisture every morning. But I make dew.

I’ve been watching Discovery Channel for a week and they haven’t played “Don’t Bring Me Down” even once…

Going to make an animated GIF of bendy palm trees and start my own hurricane coverage.