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Bodybuilding, Florida, life, and beyond


Category: Ramblings

Wasn’t sure I’d be pleased when I redid my den with moss-based paint, but so far I’m lichen it.

For penance this year, I will shake my fist in suppressed rage at people who are misbehaving.
It’s the morally-quiver Lent.

Started sketching plans for a beer made from old sandpaper, but it was just a rough draft.

The forecasters promised that Florida would get snow this year, but as of this morning, it was still up in the air.

There’s still nothing good on TV, but thanks to satellite, there’s a LOT of nothing good.

Banned sportscaster phrase for 2018: “If you’re ______ you GOTTA make that play.” $5,000 fine per offense.

I made a pillow out of duckling feathers. I was feeling a little down.