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Bodybuilding, Florida, life, and beyond

I just invented an eco-friendly drain cleaner. Really, no lye.

Sometimes if the weight is too much you have to start with just the bar. There’s one across the street and look! It’s Happy Hour!

Getting tired of recycled tunes… Music today is like someone tossed “K-Tel’s Greatest Hits of the 70s” into a Cuisinart, picked out the pieces that wouldn’t puree, and slapped it on a plate with some parsely.

I’m starting an owl delivery service. I call it, “Hootin’ Hauler”.

“The thing about golf is, the ball only goes where you hit it.” – Dad

Roads would be improved overnight if local commissioners and DOT executives were required to ride motorcycles everywhere they go.

Shots from the 2017 Galaxy, held on April 15 in St Augustine, are up on the site.  Smaller turnout than usual but as always an enjoyable and well-run show.  Next up: 2017 Monsta Classic in Lake City.  Enjoy!