Skill sets
Experienced and comfortable in many operating systems
Windows 3.x/9.x/2000
MVS and Z/OS
Production code written in many programming languages
C and C++
Java, JSP, and JavaScript
Mark IV (Vision Builder)
Perl and PHP
XML, XSL, and Xpath
Experienced with several databases
Proficient with various specialty software and tools
Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Pagemaker (InDesign)
Xalan and Xerces
Systems and Accomplishments
EAGLE: Presented at AITP chapter meeting 2005
Continuing to refine the presentation from viewer feedback, I presented to the North Central Florida chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals.
FACTS: Admissions Application response system
Data collected by the FACTS admissions application on UF's behalf is forwarded to us in XML format, with its final destination being VSAM on the mainframe.

However, XML tools were not available on the mainframe when the project was implemented, so I created a Web service leveraging Apache on AIX, wherein the XSL translation is executed based on data received from the mainframe emulating a Web browser.

This has the added benefit of being able to test the XSL stylesheet data with known-good XML using any standard Web browser.
AITP: 2007 Chapter President, Webmaster, and 2004 Past President
AITP is the Association of Information Technology Professionals, a national non-profit group dedicated to education, ethics, and networking in the information technology field. I recently redesigned the Web site of our local chapter. We have won the Regional Outstanding Chapter award four years running.
AITP Region 7: Webmaster
I recently (2004) redesigned and implemented the AITP Region 7 Web presence, replacing the minor SHTML functionality available on the staging site with Java Server Page functions.
EAGLE: Presented to CUMREC 2003
CUMREC (College and University Machine Records) is a prestigious national organization that was founded in 1956 to "provide a forum for higher education professionals to share their expertise and experiences with computerized systems."

I was again honored to make a presentation to them about our work on EAGLE.
EAGLE: Presented to WebDevShare 2002
WebDevShare is an annual national conference for educational professionals to exchange methods and insight regarding the Web as an information delivery vector. I was honored to be selected to present our work on EAGLE.

Sadly, perhaps, the Web has become so ubiquitous that the conference has been discontinued after this year.
UF Registrar: EAGLE Systems Interface
EAGLE uses a completely Web-based interface to create applications. The original interface was created by appending controls as new functionality was created, and the lack of planning is evident.

I created a smarter, more generic, and more graceful interface wherein each EAGLE page controls its own display of standard navigation (Next, Previous, Browse, et cetera). This interface platform also serves as a basis for rapidly creating completely new Web-based, mainframe-driven applications.
UF Registrar: EAGLE CGI configuration tool
This is a standalone Java application that I wrote to create a configuration file that was rather persnickety about its formatting. The program accepted inputs from the user and generated the file, saving it to a remote host via FTP if needed.

If you care to see it run (insert standard warnings about not installing unknown software on any critical machine), download it here (right-click to save to a directory in your Java CLASSPATH). Then go to the directory where you saved it and enter

java -jar ncfg.jar.
UF Registrar: EAGLE CGI (ongoing development)
Besides the interface, my major contribution to EAGLE has been the CGI program, nirvana, that converts the Web page variables into the EAGLE EDI. I have worked hard to make it as fast, flexible, and stable as possible. nirvana is written in C (the name is intentionally all lower case).
Personal: Bodybuilding Contest Schedule Search
I photograph bodybuilding competitions as a hobby/public service, and with fifteen to twenty shows per year I found it hard to remember where I was supposed to go each week, how to get there, what time to be there, and so on.

I created the Bodybuilding Contest Schedule Search strictly to keep myself straight, but the page counter indicates that a number of other people find it useful as well.

There are also interfaces to maintain promoter, show, and venue information, which I will gladly demonstrate (they are behind security for obvious reasons). The back end is MySQL, the pages are written in PHP.
Job history
1999-Present University of Florida: FACTS Technical Contact
FACTS is the statewide system that connects Florida college and university computing, records, and advising resources in real time. Students can forward their current academic data to run advising functions at remote institutions.

The University of Florida contributed the core engine of the FACTS system (see entries for EAGLE) and provided much of the early development and training. As the infrastructure development effort neared completion, my role shifted towards interfacing FACTS with the University computing resources.

My physical location and peripheral functions changed several times in this period, including stints at the University Registrar, the University CIO's Office, and Shands Hospital, but these core responsibilities have remained.
1998-1999 University of Florida Registrar: Webmaster
Here I performed all the usual duties of a Webmaster, such as site organization, server administration, programming, photography and graphics creation, and so on.

I also created the CGI portion of EAGLE, software to access mainframe data from the Web without screen-scraping. EAGLE was awarded a patent and is now a product licensed by the University.
1996-1998 University of Florida Information Systems: Technical Support
This position gave me invaluable experience in end-user support, problem diagnosis and repair, customer relations, and networking technologies.
1991-1996 Gainesville Sun: Senior Computer Operator
My first entry into the world of information technology involved nursing antique nightly batch processes on an equally antique IBM System/38. I put the copious free time to good use, getting my AS from Santa Fe Community College in this same period.
2007 : SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp
2006 : Themis on-site JavaScript/AJAX training
2006 : Themis on-site DB/2 training
2001 : Rockhurst University e-business Seminar
2000 : Sun Java Training
2000 : Rockhurst University e-business Seminar
2000 : ApacheCon 2000
1999 : Rockhurst University Web Design Seminar
1999 : Graduate-level Web design classes, University of Florida
1997 : AS in Computer Programming, Santa Fe Community College
1989 : BA in English, minor in Education, University of Florida
1986 : AA in General Education, Broward Community College
Other interests
Creating music
Web and graphic design
Contact information
Phone : (352) 335-1155
Email : app[at]
Snail mail : PO Box 141753,
Gainesville, FL 32608
About this document
Since my greatest skills are in Web development, it makes sense to me to provide my resume' as a Web document-- click the links to show or hide additional information about each subject.

Using the CSS @media functionality, I have coded the page so that when printed it appears in a more typical resume' format.

By using the 64B CSS hack, the page looks very similar across current browsers.

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Finally, although the page contains an email link, the source does not contain any valid email addresses; this is an invention of my own to help thwart spambots.