October 6-10, 2002

I'm going to go short on the dialogue and more on the photos this time. I went to Bloomington, Indiana to present EAGLE (our mainframe-to-Web software) at WebDevShare, a national conference geared towards educational institutions who are delivering services via the Web.

Alan, my co-presenter, and I went up a day early due to hotel issues, and used the opportunity to take in a Colts game (thanks for nothing to Ticketmaster who totally screwed me by tricking me into buying the preseason tickets then making it impossible for me to fix my mistake). We drove past the Speedway, short diversion past my old house in Chapel Hill, saw the game, and headed down to Bloomington (about a 40-mile drive).

On the way down I started to see the unmistakable signs of a recent tornado. (Alan was startled to learn that we were in the periphery of Tornado Alley.) Later we learned that a series of tornadoes had traveled from the very southwest corner of Indiana almost to the middle-eastern edge of the state-- a distance of over 90 miles!

Incredibly, wonderfully, no one was killed, or even seriously injured. (More damage photos from the National Weather Service site)

The damage was still visible in the latter photos below, taken three weeks after the tornadoes struck. Acres of corn were flattened as if by a roller; adjacent fields stood untouched. Rows of trees were blown leafless or snapped in half-- in some cases, only half the tree was damaged.

IMU has a beautiful campus and wonderful people; the presentation went swimmingly, the weather was excellent and we ate downtown at a couple of excellent restaurants.

We didn't manage to get to Skyline Chili or Noble Roman's, but I just see that as a motivation to come back again. :)